Scotchworthy Hits the Road!

We just got done hanging out at Flashback Weekend in Chicago.  Met a bunch of great new fans, hung out with old friends, and had a blast.  We even got a bunch of repeat customers who bought It's My Party & I'll Die If I Want To years ago and just picked up their copy of A Chance in Hell.  Check out some of the pics from this past weekend.

Next month, we will have a table at the Horrorhound convention in Indianapolis, IN.  The dates are September 6-8.  Be sure to stop by and talk to us about our upcoming releases High on the Hog  and Chop Shop.  

Fans, also don't forget to send us your reviews on the DVDs!  Whether you comment on this post, email us, or shoot us a message on Facebook we are eager to hear your feedback!  We'll also post your reviews on the site so other fans can see what all the buzz is about!


Thanks again for all the support!


- Tony Wash

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