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Scotchworthy Productions, Inc. is a Chicago suburb based independent movie production house and special FX design studio.  With over 12 years of professional experience, SPI matches a unique sense of vision and style with an unflinching diligence and passion for creating high quality products.


Scotchworthy Productions, Inc. has multiple facets of expertise including independent video production, non-linear editing, and screenwriting.  Our special FX design lab focuses on making realistic practical FX for any production need.  "Our specialty is in catering our designs to a specific budgetary need without sacrificing quality or integrity."  SPI also has the capabilities to add to their practical FX work (when necessary) with the incorporation of CGI (computer generated imagery).  Our FX department also creates props, masks, and makeup for others looking to beef up a Halloween costume, add to their collection, or work on their own movie.


Scotchworthy Productions, Inc. has the ingenuity and the drive to bring your ideas to life, to whatever scale they may be.  Please contact us to discuss your project/idea today!

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