2018 Scotchworthy Show Reel!

Want to see some of what we've been working so hard on over the past couple of years?  Check out Scotchworthy's 2018 Show Reel to see clips from our most recent movies including High on the Hog (starring Sid Haig), The Rake, and Skeletons in the Closet!

Scotchworthy 2018!

Hello Scotchworthy fans!  I apologize this website isn't much to look at, but with all the work we've been putting into finishing up our three features, this has taken a backseat for the time being.  We are incredibly excited to announce that it looks like all of our movies will be released this year so you can finally see High on the Hog, The Rake, and Skeletons in the Closet!  As I get more info, I will be sure to update you all, but thanks for the continued support of everything Scotchworthy!

- Tony Wash

We're back!

We've had Scotchworthy's website down to rework some stuff and are finally back.  We've added the World of Death blu-rays to the store and will continue updating the website with our newest projects including updates on High on the Hog, The Rake, and Skeletons in the Closet!


Stay tuned and welcome back!


World of Death TRAILER is LIVE!

Scotchworthy Productions is proud to announce that our short horror film web series, World of Death will be streaming for free via Bloody-Disgusting.com on their youtube channel.  Bloody-Disgusting.com is the world's largest horror website and we are WOD couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of the BD family!


Check out the trailer to World of Death now!



Sid Haig Speaks Highly of Scotchworthy!

A couple weeks ago I was forwarded a link to check out Tom Holland's interview with Sid Haig on thterrortime.com.  Tom spent a good amount of time discussing Sid's career with him and at one point, Sid brought up High on the Hog and had some tremendous things to say about it.  You can check out the article HERE.  


High on the Hog is close to completion folks!  I know you're eager to see the movie and I promise, it is WORTH THE WAIT!