Indy Horrorhound Con

It came and went so quickly.  After all the prep work over the past few weeks, we finally headed out to Indy with cars full of merchandise, artwork, and enthusiastic crew.  We kicked things off by setting up our new booth display and it turned out great.  Kristina and Christy walked the floor, meeting with new fans and promoting Scotchworthy.  Jason Kain boasted his talents with his one-of-a-kind "Norris" head sculpture from "John Carpenter's The Thing."  Rhiann Lynn earned herself a few new fans as well and proved to be quite the Scotchworthy Girl, selling tons of Party and A Chance in Hell  DVDS.  And Tony Wash talked it up with tons of great new fans as well as a handful of repeat buyers!  We also got to see our good friend and crew member John Pata and mingled with some great new friends/filmmakers/actors.  We released our newest merchandise; the official High on the Hog  Sid Haig t-shirts and our "Charlie" head keychains.  Check out the pics below!


A special thanks again go out to all of the fans and people who help support what we do.  Can't wait to see you at the next con!

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