2015 so far!

Once again I have neglected to update our site in six months and I apologize.  Thankfully there is a lot to talk about!  2015 has been a crazy year for us so far.  We have spent majority of our time working on our newest feature length horror film, which has turned out great.  Shot in April over a period of 19 days, Tony Wash's third feature is a psychological thriller sandwiched in a creature film.  Pulling atmospheric influences from horror greats like The Shining and Alien, Wash's film promises to deliver classic suspense mixed with practical special FX and beautifully crafted characters.  Currently in post production, we hope to have the film ready for audiences early next year.  Unfortunately, no more details can be provided publicly, but we promise this one is worth the wait!

Scotchworthy's compilation World of Death is set for an October release.  With over 200 films included representing more than 20 countries, World of Death provides over 15 hours of gruesome horror entertainment.  "We intend to release the trailer at the end of August to prep for the compilation's release around Halloween." says producer Jim Petersen.  World of Death will be available for purchase as DVD and Blu-Ray box sets that each of the filmmakers will sell themselves.  "We anticipate the exposure of WOD to be pretty substantial based on the number of people involved in the 200 plus productions."

Scotchworthy is also working on their short film compilation Skeletons in the Closet, which includes all of Scotchworthy's short films.  There will be about a dozen short films included on this DVD ranging from oldies like Things That Go Bump in the Night and Hopscotch to some of our newest films.  The DVD will also include three short films that no one has seen yet; Wendigo (shot in 2006), Paid Vacation (2009), and Meisner (2014).