A Chance in Hell is set in the winter of 1944 in Nazi-occupied Germany. US soldiers stumble upon a secret Nazi facility that has been overrun by creatures that were created in the lab of the nefarious Dr. Bücher. Most Nazi Zombie flicks settle for cheap thrills and humor. Our goal is to utilize the easiest distinction between protagonist and antagonist the world has ever seen and create a gritty, visceral film unlike any other horror period piece. Think Saving Private Ryan meets 30 Days of Night.


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Film Information

A Chance in Hell  was shot in eight days in early 2010 in Elgin, IL.  Director of Photography, Mitch Martinez shot the film on the Red camera and Christopher Patrick and crew provided the practical special FX.  Proclaimed to be the first nazi zombie movie to take place during World War II, A Chance in Hell  has quickly become a fan favorite and has won three Best Short Film awards at festivals across the nation. 




"A perfectly shot independent film..."
"This film is just absolutely beautiful…"
"I have to say this is in my top five independent films of 2012."



"Nice saturation, concept and FX. Loved each of the slow-mo action shots!"  - Anon
"Overall I really liked the look of this movie...the sets were great and very creepy. I also loved the main child zombie (I call her Sweet Pea) and the effects were INCREDIBLE, I screamed out loud when that soldier was ripped in half and loved how fast SP worked on her kill."  - Anon



• Best Short Film: Chicago Horror Film Festival 2012

• Best Horror Short Film: Action on Film Festival 2012

• Best Short Film: The Living Dead Film Festival 2012




Genre: Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Period


Run Time: 35 minutes


Key Cast Members: Kyle Anthony Silviera, Kevin Zaideman, Brad Fowler, Doug Heier, Chad Meyer, Kendyl Lynch


Key Crew Members: Tony Wash (Director/Exec. Producer/Co-Writer/Editor), Christopher Patrick (Producer/FX Design/Make-up), Stephen Wymer (Producer), Johnny Hlousek (Writer), Bennie Woodell (1st AD, UPM), Mitch Martinez (Director of Photography, Gaffer), Amy Earl Furrow (Production Designer)


Content: Extreme Violence, Gore, Language


BTS Photos by Curtis Clegg