Big Daddy is the patriarch of an unconventional family that lives in Council Hill where they work on a hog farm They may not be related by blood, but they'll fight to stay together under any circumstance. However--they are not just family, nor are they just simple hog farmers....they are also growers of high quality marijuana.


With the pressure of the DTA government agency coming down on pot distributors around the country, the family must do whatever it takes to keep their crop safe. When a new girl is brought into the fold, the family dynamic and Big Daddy’s crop is threatened in a way he’s never had to face before. And he’ll do anything to protect it.


High on the Hog is a grindhouse crime thriller starring horror icon Sid Haig, Joe Estevez, and Robert Z’Dar that features some of the most controversial topics of our time: marijuana, dirty cops, and serial killers - all with the fun addition of sex and rock n' roll. A wild ride from start to finish, High on the Hog is an action-packed grindhouse film with heart of gold.

Film Information

High on the Hog was shot between August and September of 2012 in Elizabeth and Galena, IL.  "Hog is one of those special moments in my life." said Tony Wash of the experience.  "Not only did I get to work with some genre legends, but the time shooting that film is some of my favorite as a filmmaker.  We all lived together for a month and became a family.  The weather was beautiful, the countryside even more beautiful.  We all enjoyed our time together so much that it certainly shows in the movie."


High on the Hog will be released soon!  Stay tuned!




"Some brilliance comes around such as a film I did recently called High on the Hog with director, Tony Wash. He’s relatively new in the business of feature lengths but he knows what he’s doing. I put my faith in him and I wound up as a producer on that film." - Sid Haig




Genre: Grindhouse / Exploitation / Crime / Drama


Run Time: 90 minutes


Key Cast Members: Sid Haig, Joe Estevez, Robert Z'Dar, Fiona Domenica, Brenda Whitehead, Siarra T. Mong, Katrina Hill, Jesse C. Boyd, Adam Budron, Joette Waters, Walt Sloan, Danny Glenn


Key Crew Members: Tony Wash (Director, Producer, Co-writer), Sid Haig (Producer), Kevin C. Lockhart (Executive Producer, Writer), Robert Patrick Stern (Director of Photography, Producer), B.A. Lewandowski (Editor), Sara Engel (Production Designer), Bob Farster (Producer)


Content: Sex, Nudity, Violence, Language


BTS Photos by Curtis Clegg