For over 70 years, Burkitt Manor has been the subject of distaste among the citizens of Monessen, Pennsylvania. In the 1930's Jacob Burkitt painted over the windows and locked his family in the house and no one saw them alive again. After months went by, the sheriff was called in to investigate. Upon entering the house. the sheriff discovered piles of body parts in each of the rooms neatly wrapped in butcher paper and twine, all of the right arms in one room, the left arms in another and so on. At the dining room table, the sheriff found the heads of Burkitt's family members and Burkitt's own mutilated corpse at the head of the table.

Over seventy years later, Sara's friends have decided to throw her a surprise 18th birthday party in Burkitt Manor on Halloween night. As the night progresses, the evil within the house awakens, bringing Burkitt back to life along with a slew of other ghosts, zombies and creatures. 

Jaws drop, blood flies, and guts are strewn as the evil closes in on the party-goers and begins killing them off one by one. Once Sara discovers that the horror is real, she must use her love and knowledge of horror films as well as her martial arts background to save her friends from being torn apart through the course of the night.

It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To brings horror fans back to the creature/slasher films of the 80's with style.


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Film Information

It's My Party... was shot on the Canon XL2 for a very modest budget of less than 20k. After graduating from Tom Savini’s Special FX School in Monessen, PA filmmaker Tony Wash decided to stay a few months to shoot Party with the help of fellow FX school grads. Christopher Patrick as well as Stephen Wymer, Todd Malnar and Steve Winsett II all came on board and helped create this award-winning FX strong gore-fest.

The unique aspect of It's My Party... is its “CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE” options on the DVD. You the viewer can either watch the movie as a feature length or choose which direction the characters go throughout the movie, either leading them to their deaths or to the next option. It's My Party... is the first DVD to have the “Choose Your Own Adventure” ability on it and has proven to separate said movie from other ultra-low budget horror.

It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To is a horror film made by the fans of horror films for horror fans. Night of the Living Podcast has stated that It’s My Party… is “the best indie undistributed horror film we have watched for our show since day one!”




“One of the most adventurous low budget horror films in recent existence.”



“It’s definitely worth checking out, and the type of indie I highly recommend supporting… It’s made with genuine care and love for the genre, which is more than you can say for (at least) half of the films I’ve watched; movies that spent more in a single day than Wash and his crew probably had for the entire production. Kudos to them.”


“It’s exceptionally well made considering the low budget – lots of camera movement, decent production value, etc. The cast is good…”



“It's saved from the jaws of mediocrity due to an abundance of gore, good sound design, some great make-up work, and the kitschy goodness associated with influencing the fate of your protagonists.”


“It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To excels in the entertainment department by doling out a bloody good time riddled with innovation, bouncing boobs, some shockingly creepy moments, and enough slaughter to keep even the most blood-hungry viewers giggling happily like the demented fuckers that we proudly are.”


“It's a better than average foot in the door film for Wash, and honestly? I can't wait to see what he chooses to do next.”





Genre: Horror (Creature/Slasher/Haunted House)


Run Time: 80 minute feature (plus 20 minutes of “Choose Your Own Adventure” footage)


Key Cast Members: Adrienne Fischer, Darcy Wood, Danielle Nortum, Tom Savini, Angel Marquez


Key Crew Members: Tony Wash (Director/Exec. Producer/Writer/Editor/FX Design), Christopher Patrick (Producer/FX Design/Make-up, Costumes, Hair), Stephen Wymer (Producer/Production Coordinator), Steve Winsett II (FX Design/Camera Crew), Todd Malnar (FX Design/Grip Crew), Angel Marquez (Grip Crew), Rhodrick Magsino (Audio/Foley/Music)


Content: Extreme Violence, Gore, Nudity, Language, Drug Use