This throwback 80s horror experience features The Widow and her deceased husband, Charlie, hosting a viewing party of various interwoven scary stories, as they do every Friday night.  Their number one fan, Jamie, whom never misses an episode, sits down in front of the tube to devour the delectable terror.  On this evening in particular, Jamie has her favorite indulgence constantly interrupted by Tina, her new babysitter.  Fear and foreboding are abound on screen as well as in Jamie's house this Friday night! 


Think Stranger Things meets Elvira meets Married With Children.

Film Information



Genre: Horror / Comedy 


Run Time: 80 Minutes


Key Cast Members: Ellie Church, Alaina Karner, Adam Michaels, Elizabeth Stenholt, Leigh Rose, Alan Z. Mün, Lia Sullivan, Steve Labedz, Tony Lee Gratz, Rhiann Owen


Key Crew Members: Tony Wash (Director, Producer, Co-writer, Editor), B.A. Lewandowski (Director, Producer, Co-writer, Editor), Johnny Hlousek (Co-writer), Robert Patrick Stern (Director of Photography, Producer), Sarah Sharp (Producer), Rhiann Owen (Segment Director), DC McAuliffe (Composer), Jason Kain (Special FX Supervisor)


Content: Violence, Language, Brief Nudity

Set photography by Nicole Defilippis and Tony Wash