The Rake DVD Will Infect Your TV!!!

The Rake comes out on DVD and online June 5th. You'll be able to buy it from Walmart and, but why not support us indie filmmakers.  We are after all, the ones who made the damn movie!  Pre-order your copy of The Rake NOW and get the special edition DVD sleeve and access to the Behind-The-Scenes featurette only available in the SCOTCHWORTHY STORE.

2018 Scotchworthy Show Reel!

Want to see some of what we've been working so hard on over the past couple of years?  Check out Scotchworthy's 2018 Show Reel to see clips from our most recent movies including High on the Hog (starring Sid Haig), The Rake, and Skeletons in the Closet!

Scotchworthy 2018!

Hello Scotchworthy fans!  I apologize this website isn't much to look at, but with all the work we've been putting into finishing up our three features, this has taken a backseat for the time being.  We are incredibly excited to announce that it looks like all of our movies will be released this year so you can finally see High on the Hog, The Rake, and Skeletons in the Closet!  As I get more info, I will be sure to update you all, but thanks for the continued support of everything Scotchworthy!

- Tony Wash

We're back!

We've had Scotchworthy's website down to rework some stuff and are finally back.  We've added the World of Death blu-rays to the store and will continue updating the website with our newest projects including updates on High on the Hog, The Rake, and Skeletons in the Closet!


Stay tuned and welcome back!


World of Death TRAILER is LIVE!

Scotchworthy Productions is proud to announce that our short horror film web series, World of Death will be streaming for free via on their youtube channel. is the world's largest horror website and we are WOD couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of the BD family!


Check out the trailer to World of Death now!



Sid Haig Speaks Highly of Scotchworthy!

A couple weeks ago I was forwarded a link to check out Tom Holland's interview with Sid Haig on  Tom spent a good amount of time discussing Sid's career with him and at one point, Sid brought up High on the Hog and had some tremendous things to say about it.  You can check out the article HERE.  


High on the Hog is close to completion folks!  I know you're eager to see the movie and I promise, it is WORTH THE WAIT!

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To V/H/S Available NOW!

Scotchworthy's first feature length horror movie, It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To is now available on V/H/S in our PRODUCTS section.

Tape includes a special intro from director Tony Wash as well as a number of new and old Scotchworthy trailers.  Also comes with a special limited edition It's My Party sticker.


Only 150 of these tapes were made and we only have 50 left so order them before they are sold out!


World of Death Update

With Halloween quickly approaching, people might be wondering what has been going on with our collection, World of Death?  We have been working diligently on getting all of the correct deliverables from the filmmakers, which has taken some time due to translation and technical issues, but I am happy to say that we officially have over 200 films in the collection and are currently represented by 21 countries from around the world!  The trailer is visually cut and we are now waiting on titles to be completed and music to be written.  Our online distribution also looks to be pretty amazing, but we can't let the cat out of the bag just yet.  You will have to wait a few more weeks until everything gets solidified.  Trust me when I say, it will be worth the wait everyone!


2015 so far!

Once again I have neglected to update our site in six months and I apologize.  Thankfully there is a lot to talk about!  2015 has been a crazy year for us so far.  We have spent majority of our time working on our newest feature length horror film, which has turned out great.  Shot in April over a period of 19 days, Tony Wash's third feature is a psychological thriller sandwiched in a creature film.  Pulling atmospheric influences from horror greats like The Shining and Alien, Wash's film promises to deliver classic suspense mixed with practical special FX and beautifully crafted characters.  Currently in post production, we hope to have the film ready for audiences early next year.  Unfortunately, no more details can be provided publicly, but we promise this one is worth the wait!

Scotchworthy's compilation World of Death is set for an October release.  With over 200 films included representing more than 20 countries, World of Death provides over 15 hours of gruesome horror entertainment.  "We intend to release the trailer at the end of August to prep for the compilation's release around Halloween." says producer Jim Petersen.  World of Death will be available for purchase as DVD and Blu-Ray box sets that each of the filmmakers will sell themselves.  "We anticipate the exposure of WOD to be pretty substantial based on the number of people involved in the 200 plus productions."

Scotchworthy is also working on their short film compilation Skeletons in the Closet, which includes all of Scotchworthy's short films.  There will be about a dozen short films included on this DVD ranging from oldies like Things That Go Bump in the Night and Hopscotch to some of our newest films.  The DVD will also include three short films that no one has seen yet; Wendigo (shot in 2006), Paid Vacation (2009), and Meisner (2014).

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To on VHS!!

For the first and only time, our first feature It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To is available for purchase on VHS.  Take a trip back to the 80s by watching this old school horror film in a traditional format.  Available through Vultra Video at their website for $30.  Comes with some cool stuff and is limited to a run of 100 so pick up your copy before they sell out!



The Muck Plays Screamfest

"Sick, short and sweet."  These are just a few of the compliments The Muck received by Jason Coleman at after he checked out the shorts at Screamfest.  Check out his full review here.


Film Festivals, Slipknot, and more!

I understand that we haven't posted in over a half a year, but I can promise you it is on account of how busy we have been!  How's about some updates?

The Muck

Our short film The Muck has been selected to over a dozen awesome film festivals around the world.  We're even managing to find time to travel to some of these festivals.  If you're in the area, let's hang out, and please come watch The Muck on the big screen with us!


• Official Selection SXSW 2014

• Official Selection Screamfest 2014 (we are in Los Angeles for this festival)

• Official Selection Stanley Film Festival 2014

• Official Citizen World of Death 

• Official Selection Cucalorous Film Festival 2014 (we will be in Wilmington for this festival)

• Official Selection Mile High Horror Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Chicago International Film Festival 2014 (we will be at the screenings at this festival)

• Official Selection Pollygrind Film Festival 2014 **

• Official Selection Telluride Horror Show 2014 **

• Official Selection Eerie Horror Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Idaho Horror Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Samain du Cinema Fantastique 2014

• Official Selection Celluloid Screams: Sheffield Horror Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Mayhem Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Oshkosh Horror Film Festival 2014

• Official Selection Drunken Zombie Film Festival 2014 (we will be in Peoria for this festival)

• Official Selection Melbourne Underground Film Festival **

• Official Selection Scream in the Dark Film Festival

• Official Selection Days of the Dead Horror Convention Film Festival 2014 ** (we will be at the Chicago DOTD convention/festival)

• Official Selection Open Wound Horror Film Festival 2014 **


** Playing as part of a World of Death block of films.


Check out The Muck trailer HERE.

Slipknot Mask

A while back we announced that Scotchworthy's special FX supervisor Jason Kain has been collaborating with Shawn Crahan from the metal band Slipknot on some different projects.  Last year for Halloween, Jason created a special limited edition clown mask that was sold on Crahan's website.  With the new album due out, Crahan contacted Jason and asked him to create a new mask.  Jason happily obliged and the result can be seen in Slipknot's newest video The Devil In I.


Check out the video for The Devil In I  HERE.

World of Death

Our short horror compilation World of Death currently has over 200 films from more than 20 countries, and is collecting new fans across the globe!  There have been a handful of "sampler" screenings set up to give audiences a taste of what's to come from World of Death.  If you are in the area, you should definitely check World of Death out!


For more info, please visit World of Death on Facebook and Twitter.


The Stanley Film Festival

This past weekend, some of the Scotchworthy crew drove out to Estes Park, CO to spend the weekend at the beautifully haunted Stanley Hotel where Tony Wash's short film, The Muck screened during the 2nd annual Stanley Film Festival.  With other prestigious guests attending the fest such as Elijah Wood, AJ Bowen, Ti West, Travis Stevens, Adrian Garcia Bogliano, and more it was certainly time well spent networking and checking out some of the biggest horror films coming out this year.  The Muck opened for Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch's amazingly directed Starry Eyes, which also screened at SXSW earlier this year.


Check out some of the photos from this incredible weekend.


Finished "The Muck" Poster

Brandon Duncan really did an amazing job with this one folks!  Premiered at the SXSW film festival a few weeks ago.

Here it is hanging with some of the other posters in the SXSW film poster contest.


The Muck Poster Artwork

Artist Brandon Duncan has been doing an incredible job thus far designing the official poster for The Muck.  We plan on entering the poster in the SXSW poster competition that goes on during the festival in 2 weeks.  We hope it turns some heads! 

Check out the progress photos.  To see more of Brandon's work, click HERE.


The Muck is an official selection of SXSW!!

Tony Wash's newest short film, The Muck is an official selection of SXSW 2014.   This is a tremendous achievement for the Scotchworthy family, and they look forward to representing Scotchworthy as well as World of Death (which The Muck is a part of) in Austin in a few weeks!  Check out the trailer to The Muck now!


To learn more about The Muck, click HERE.


Scotchworthy Embraces VOD on Vimeo!

As of today, fans will be able to RENT and DOWNLOAD Scotchworthy's films through Vimeo's new On Demand platform.  At the start of 2014 Vimeo created a new player, giving its Pro users the ability to rent/sell their videos to audiences on a worldwide stage.  Scotchworthy plans to not only showcase its current catalog of work through Vimeo VOD, but also utliize Vimeo for the release of some of its upcoming projects.  Check it out NOW!



HOLIDAY SPECIAL!  Give the ones you love the gift of blood, guts, and 200 Proof Terror!  All Scotchworthy merchandise is 50% OFF for a limited time.  Enter discount code: "xmas" at checkout.  Get 'em while they're hot folks and Merry Christmas.




"The Muck" has begun

Tony Wash's newest short film is well underway and is looking great!  We shot Monday and will be working on the edit as we prepare for our final shoot day coming up soon.  


Scotchworthy & Slipknot!!

Scotchworthy's Jason Kain has teamed up with Shawn Crahan from the band Slipknot to release a yearly clown mask.  These collectible pieces are available for purchase from Crahan's store HERE.  This is tremendous news and we at Scotchworthy are proud of Jason's work.  Check out the awesome pics below!


Indy Horrorhound Con

It came and went so quickly.  After all the prep work over the past few weeks, we finally headed out to Indy with cars full of merchandise, artwork, and enthusiastic crew.  We kicked things off by setting up our new booth display and it turned out great.  Kristina and Christy walked the floor, meeting with new fans and promoting Scotchworthy.  Jason Kain boasted his talents with his one-of-a-kind "Norris" head sculpture from "John Carpenter's The Thing."  Rhiann Lynn earned herself a few new fans as well and proved to be quite the Scotchworthy Girl, selling tons of Party and A Chance in Hell  DVDS.  And Tony Wash talked it up with tons of great new fans as well as a handful of repeat buyers!  We also got to see our good friend and crew member John Pata and mingled with some great new friends/filmmakers/actors.  We released our newest merchandise; the official High on the Hog  Sid Haig t-shirts and our "Charlie" head keychains.  Check out the pics below!


A special thanks again go out to all of the fans and people who help support what we do.  Can't wait to see you at the next con!


"Separate Checks" WINS!!!

Scotchworthy's comedy short film won BEST FILM at the Next Wave Art Salon this weekend in Elgin, IL.  Congrats to everyone involved!  This is a huge honor.  Check out the trailer to Separate Checks  below.


Convention Prep Work in Progress

A bunch of us took the week to relax next to the lake in Wisconsin and decides to get some work done for the upcoming Indy Horrorhound convention.  Tony sculpted a Charlie head keychain and Jason began working on another lifesize bust.  We also got some "in progress" work on the High on the Hog  t-shirt design from our buddy John Pata.  We're planning on having the shirts, keychains, and a handful of other new pieces of merch at the con in two weeks.  Hope to see you guys there!


Scotchworthy Hits the Road!

We just got done hanging out at Flashback Weekend in Chicago.  Met a bunch of great new fans, hung out with old friends, and had a blast.  We even got a bunch of repeat customers who bought It's My Party & I'll Die If I Want To years ago and just picked up their copy of A Chance in Hell.  Check out some of the pics from this past weekend.

Next month, we will have a table at the Horrorhound convention in Indianapolis, IN.  The dates are September 6-8.  Be sure to stop by and talk to us about our upcoming releases High on the Hog  and Chop Shop.  

Fans, also don't forget to send us your reviews on the DVDs!  Whether you comment on this post, email us, or shoot us a message on Facebook we are eager to hear your feedback!  We'll also post your reviews on the site so other fans can see what all the buzz is about!


Thanks again for all the support!


- Tony Wash


"Chop Shop" Wrapped!

It's been a crazy year and a half since the founding members of Gang 6 Films sat down and discussed the set up for the anthology horror film, Chop Shop, but we pushed through and wrapped!  The movies look absolutely amazing, and we've had a tremendous time working with old friends as well as bringing new people into the Scotchworthy family.  As we move into post production, I hope our fans are getting excited.  We hope to have the film completed by late fall.  For now, check out some great pics from behind the scenes.


A Scotchworthy Spring 2013

It's been a busy year so far for Scotchworthy Productions.  We've just picture locked High on the Hog  and are looking to have the movie completed by August.  Chop Shop  is also in its final stages of production as we prepare to shoot the final short of the anthology in July.  Below are some pics from the spring thus far.  Between us scouting locations, set dressing, shooting, and hanging out, we're always having a good time.


"High on the Hog" Pickup Shots Complete!

A handful of us spent Monday getting some final shots taken care of for HotH.  I'm happy to say they turned out great and I'm excited to see our editor, Mike Heffler get them added to the movie.  I know everyone is anxious to check out the footage and the trailer.  I know it's in the final stages of completion and will be online shortly!  Sorry for the wait guys!!


Thanks for the continued support.


"A Chance in Hell" reviewed at

Check out the great review A Chance in Hell  received from reviewer Z at


"Separate Checks" Premiere at the Arcada Theater May 26th!





Tim Voelker's comedic short film, "Separate Checks" will be premiering at the historic Arcada Theater in downtown St. Charles on Sunday, May 26th.  The event starts around 5pm and is sure to be a great time for fans, friends, and fellow filmmakers.  Come out to help support a hilarious independent film and see what Scotchworthy has been up to these past few months.  Trust me, we've been busy!


Scotchworthy on Night of the Living Podcast

Director Tony Wash hangs out with Freddy and the guys from Night of the Living Podcast while at the Cincinnati Horrorhound.  Hear all about Scotchworthy's newest projects on Part 1 of their two part Horrorhound show HERE.


Scotchworthy Productions welcomes you

Thanks again to everyone who has checked out Scotchworthy productions and will continue to do so in the future!